Tom Camm explores the built environment through quietly manipulative works developed with a careful sensitivity to rhythm. He is particularly interested in the contemporary city and the changing status of social space within it. The precise and sometimes reductive quality of his work generates a sense of apparent ease that does not obscure, but rather briefly conceals critical undertones.

When recording and relaying observations a degree of chance is embraced and the process can incorporate a wide range of media including moving image, sound and forms of publication. Developing works that respond to, but also influence the way in which space is navigated Tom aims to create engaging ways to present time based work and assess the world around us.

b.1992, Dorset, UK
Currently lives and works in Newcastle, UK

Central Saint Martins (BA Fine Art)
2011 - 2014

Recent Shows

Collection 1, The Listening Booth, November 2015
Trading Places,12o Project Space, December 2015
EBC004, East Bristol Contemporary, May 2016